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Gears GreenOne of the most important characteristics of a good blended course, or any course for that matter, is the extent to which the work students do outside of the classroom connects to what they do inside the classroom. Timely communication with students between face-to-face meetings can help remind them of the work they need to do both to reflect on the previous meeting and to prepare for the upcoming one. Remind, a free, cloud based service, takes advantage of the ubiquitous nature of student phones to foster timely communication to everyone while protecting personal contact information.

remind-appSet up an account at Remind, or by installing the iOS or Android app on your smartphone. You can even use your Google account to log in, if you want. After you submit your own information and name the group you want to communicate with (e.g. BIO 110), Remind will assign you both a number and a group a code.

Remind Setup 2Remind Setup 3

Remind Setup 1

Students or other participants join your group by simply texting the code to the number (Note: You are able to customize this code to something more easily remembered; you can also download a handout to help students join).


Use the service to send text message reminders to all the students who have joined, without collecting their phone numbers or sharing yours. You may use the service as a one way announcement from you to the group, or allow students to reply. Only you will see the replies, so that follow up conversations remain between you and the student. You can even schedule reminders to go out in advance.

Remind Class View

Possible uses?

  • Remind them of reading or work that needs to be completed before class.
  • Provide students with an overview of your upcoming class time.
  • Follow up after class with assignments, due dates, help resources, office hours, etc.
  • Ask them to reply with a one sentence takeaway, muddiest point, etc.
  • Use it to facilitate small group work where you can see their communication with one another as well.

(10 Ways to Use Remind)

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