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While ZSR hosts a variety of journals designed to assist faculty and staff alike with improving instruction across all types of courses, two that we would like to highlight here include the Teaching Professor and Online Cl@ssroom. Both of these publications can be accessed through ZSR’s journal search page. The Teaching Professor is designed, “to provide ideas and insight to educators who are passionate about teaching.” Faculty Focus is a companion blog that can be accessed freely online. Online Cl@ssroom is another newsletter from the same publisher that focuses on teaching and learning in online and blended environments. Two recent articles that connect to our current topic include one on screencasting and another on videos in the blended classroom.

Note: Subscription access to ZSR Journals may require VPN login from off-campus locations (learn more).

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TLC Workshops on campus

Online Learning Consortium Workshops

The Office of Online Education has some pre-purchased seats in OLC online workshops.  Email onlineed@nullwfu.edu if you are interested in taking one.

Teaching Professor Newsletter

Online Cl@ssroom Newsletter

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