2016 BOLD Grants

Blended and Online Learning Development

The Office of Online Education and the Provost’s Office are pleased to announce a grant program intended to encourage development of high quality online or blended courses in support of the Grant Applicationundergraduate mission. BOLD grants provide a summer stipend (up to $5,000) for College faculty on 9-month contracts, or professional development funds (up to $2,000) for College or ZSR faculty on 12-month contracts for development of courses to be first delivered in Spring 2017 or later. Additional funds, up to $1,000, will be available to reimburse necessary and justified expenses. Proposals for adapting existing courses to online or blended form with other funding can be submitted directly to the Online Education Committee (OLEC). All entirely new courses must first go through the normal approval process with the Curriculum Committee and faculty.

Call for Proposals

Sponsorship and Funding:
Office of Online Education and Office of the Provost

Proposals should be sent to OnlineEd@nullwfu.edu by February 22, 2016.

Faculty committed to developing online or blended courses for the College.

  • Online courses ​are defined as those where greater than 50% of the face-­to-­face time is replaced by online activities.
  • Blended courses ​are those where 25 to 50% of face-­to-­face time is replaced with online activities.

The grants awarded under this program fund work undertaken during the summer and following academic year by faculty of the College and ZSR, directed toward designing, developing, and launching online or blended courses. Course development is done with the assistance of an instructional designer and a technical expert. Applications are reviewed by the Online Education Committee of the College (OLEC). For questions and help preparing the application, applicants are encouraged to consult with the Office of Online Education (OnlineEd@nullwfu.edu).

Conditions of the grant are included below. Additional guidance on the development of online courses and details of the procedures for proposal approval can be found at the OLEC Guidelines and College Policies for Online Course Development.

In accepting the grant, grantees agree to:

  • Collaborate ​with both an instructional designer and one or more technical experts. Contact the Office of Online Education, OnlineEd@nullwfu.edu or x4810, for more information on instructional design support. Technical expertise could come from the Instructional Technology Group, Information Systems, ZSR Library, etc. We also welcome collaborative efforts among faculty.
  • Attend ​several meetings with other grant recipients throughout the summer and fall semesters to share findings and explore pedagogical and technical challenges. A schedule of meetings will be arranged among participants.
  • Complete ​​an instructional design and prototype implementation of the online or blended course by the end of Summer 2016 (subject to further refinement during the 2016-­2017 academic year).
  • Offer ​the online course during a semester approved by the department involved, contingent upon approval of the developed course by OLEC and the College faculty.
  • Present​ your course design at TechXploration during the following academic year.
  • Report​ back to the Office of Online Education after the first delivery of the course with student, faculty, and instructional designer feedback on the experience, and any changes that may have inspired.

Grant recipients are also encouraged to share lessons learned with other faculty by offering workshops, writing and sharing educational material, or mentoring other faculty members who wish to pursue online or blended course development.

Successful award proposals will:

  • Communicate a desire to develop a well­-targeted, pedagogically ­sound course.
  • Clearly state how the proposed blended or online course has the potential to benefit our undergraduate students.
  • Present a timeline for the design and implementation of the online or blended course with a realistic distribution of work over the time available before delivery.
  • List all faculty involved as well as their respective responsibilities.
  • Schedule course delivery for Spring, Summer, or Fall of 2017.
  • Identify possible opportunities for redevelopment and delivery at future dates.

Completed applications should be converted to PDF and emailed to OnlineEd@nullwfu.edu

Applications due by Monday, February 22. Awards will be announced on Friday, March 4th.

Download the 2016 BOLD Grant Application

Completed applications should be submitted as one PDF document to OnlineEd@nullwfu.edu by February 22, 2016.

Guidelines and College Policies for Online Course Development