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Certificate Programs

Strategic Analysis and Decision-making

Certificate Overview: A team of experts in quantitative analysis, data optimization, consumption preferences, strategic choices, and bargaining and negotiation will lay out the method by which you can frame nearly every major decision you’ll face in your executive career. You’ll study the psychological and cognitive influences that affect both individual and team decisions and learn ways to circumvent your biases and minimize distractions from the task at hand. Through peer group workshops, case studies, and personal development exercises, you’ll evolve your awareness of which elements truly matter to the bottom line and shift from intuitive to data-driven thinking.

Graduate Counseling Program Online

The mission of the Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is to train and mentor future leaders in research, teaching and innovation for serving humanity. To carry out this mission, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers three online master’s programs—Master of Arts in School Counseling, Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Master of Arts in Human Services. All of the programs are facilitated by well-respected, award-winning educators who have a vested interest in mentoring students and an innate passion for helping all of humankind. Learn more

Master of Studies in Law Online Degree and Certificates

Learn to navigate the law in today’s heavily-regulated environment and become invaluable in your workplace. The Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree and certificate programs are part-time, fully online and immediately applicable. The MSL curriculum was developed by Wake Forest Law faculty in collaboration with industry leaders, designed specifically for professionals who need to navigate the law, not practice it. With a focus on mitigating risk in the increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment facing these industries, the MSL provides professionals with the tools to balance the needs of business with the legal requirements of their workplace. Learn more

Doctor of Nursing Practice

The School of Medicine will offer a post-master’s doctoral degree that builds on the nurse’s current master’s degree beginning fall semester 2018 and a post-bachelor’s doctoral degree for nurse anesthesia beginning fall 2021. The overall objective for the DNP degree is to elevate the role of nursing science for healthcare advancement by preparing advance practice nurses to function in leadership roles throughout healthcare, completing the trajectory from expert clinician to the role of leader of complex organizations and patient populations. Learn more

Online Master of Science in Business Analytics

The Master of Science in Business Analytics degree (MSBA) at the Wake Forest University School of Business, designed to develop the leaders of tomorrow, is now offered online for working professionals. Business Analytics opportunities are numerous as major organizations adopt data-driven, technology-focused strategies across nearly every industry. In the MSBA program, you will learn advanced methodologies to apply analytics to business challenges across a range of functions throughout the organization.

Designed for working professional students with two or more years of post-graduate, professional work experience, the curriculum of the MSBA program delivered online will prepare students to identify business challenges that can be solved using data, to find solutions to business challenges, and influence their organizations by telling the story of how insightful analysis will solve challenges.

Bottom line – we develop problem solvers that can take data from insight to impact and can add value to any organization from day one.

Our online Masters in Business Analytics program maintains the same curriculum standards, rigor, and reputation of our full-time, on-campus offering for recent college graduates. Learn more


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