Summer 2023 Online Course Proposals

OLEC Online Course (Re)Design and Approval Process 2022-2023

For Faculty looking to teach online in the Undergraduate College:

OLEC is continuing the accelerated approval process begun last year for online courses to be taught in Summer 2023. Courses that have been taught online just during Summer 2020 through Summer 2021 will need to go through this course design approval process to be taught online again. Courses that already received approval for Summer 2022 do not require additional approval unless taught by a new instructor. This approval process ensures we will meet the standards for online education from external regulatory agencies. Faculty may recall that many of these regulations had been suspended by these agencies in the first semesters of the pandemic but they have since been reinstated. The deadline for course proposals will be November 2, 2022. Completed course (re)design templates will be due January 13, 2023

Online Course (Re)Design Proposal form

These will be reviewed by OLEC for committee approval and then presented for a vote of the full faculty at the February 13, 2022 faculty meeting.

Tentative Timeline

  1. Nov. 2: Preliminary Course Proposal Due on the Online Course (Re)Design Proposal form. Faculty should discuss their plans with the chair or program director before submitting a preliminary proposal so that they can determine how such intended summer session offerings may be incorporated into the department’s/program’s planning and assignments in summer teaching.
  2. Nov. 11: OLEC will notify proposers of pre-approval to enter the (re)design phase.  The course (re)design activities may include peer groups, one-on-one sessions with online course designers, and/or self-paced design modules. Faculty with course (re)design pre-approval can list their courses in the schedule for Summer Sessions 2023 as “online”.
  3. Nov. 14-Jan 12: (Re)Design Period. Note: Instructional designers are available for faculty consultations with OOE except when the university is closed, Nov 24-25 and Dec 23-Dec 30.
  4. Jan 13: Completed course design template due to OLEC.
  5. Feb. 3: OLEC approvals complete and faculty notified of course inclusion for the full faculty vote.
  6. Feb. 13: College Faculty Meeting, list of approved courses from OLEC and faculty vote for final approval.