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This video showcases the engaging, dynamic content regularly featured in Wake Forest Online courses. The multimedia team works with instructors to develop new ways to teach course concepts using multimedia and interactive features.

Online Multimedia Showcase

Featured in MSL Banking Law and Regulation

Podcasts were a game-changer for students in this MSL course, providing an immersive and refreshing format to gain valuable real-world insights from their professors.

Featured in marketing for the Accounting Program

The use of interviews with both alumni and professors gave prospective Accounting students an inside look at the program from the perspective of those who have experienced it firsthand.

Featured in Worship With Wait Chapel series

To showcase the unique virtual experience of the Worship with Wait Chapel program during the pandemic, this trailer was created, highlighting the collaboration with congregations, pre-recorded service segments, and various elements such as reading, poetry, prayer, song, and sermon.

Featured in the TO@Wake Series

How does one eliminate or minimize the use of assigned points or letter grades in a course? Dr. Jerid Francom puts the practice of Ungrading to the test within his own course.