Online Courses in the College

About the Courses

Below are all courses at Wake Forest College that have been developed, approved, and delivered in an online or blended format. In alignment with existing practice, approval for online delivery is inclusive of blended delivery.

Faculty wishing to teach online or blended courses must go through the course approval process outlined by the faculty-led Online Education Committee (OLEC).  This process aims to provide additional support and development resources to faculty in the college while ensuring that the University meets the external regulatory standards unique to online education. During the process, faculty work with the Office of Online Education and are provided with faculty development resources. They are offered the opportunity to work with instructional designers, as well.  All courses are reviewed by OLEC for committee approval and then presented for a vote of the full faculty during a faculty meeting. Additionally, online/blended courses may first need to be approved in the department or program before proceeding to OLEC review. OLEC sends announcements to the College each fall as to when upcoming online course approval processes will be starting.

Questions about Online or Blended Course Development

Faculty looking for more information on developing online courses should consult the Frequently Asked Questions page and contact the Office of Online Education.

Questions about Advising

Wake Forest University has a policy on how many online courses a student can take during their undergraduate education. Faculty advising students about taking online courses and students interested in taking online and blended courses should view the Frequently Asked Questions page. 

*Note: A course approval process will be implemented for the 2023-24 academic year. 

Temporary provisions for online delivery were made in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID, but OLEC is not currently offering processes for long-term, online/blended course approval in the College for regular semesters while the university engages in a new Strategic Framework. OLEC continues to offer a limited approval process for Summer Sessions in 2022 and 2023.

Undergraduate College

Course NumberAlternateCourse TitleModality
ART 103 History of Western ArtOnline
BIO 210BIO 366Bioethics: Decision-Making in Biology & MedicineOnline
CNS 334 Ethics in Health & Human ServicesOnline
CNS 340 Professional Orientation to Health & Human ServicesOnline
COM 120 Introduction to Film and Media AestheticsOnline
COM 220 Empirical Research in CommunicationOnline
COM 318 Culture & the SitcomOnline
COM 323 Superheroes, Cinema, and American MythologyOnline
COM 337Social Media Marketing in the Creative ArtsOnline
CSC 111 Introduction to Computer ScienceOnline
CSC 112 Fundamentals of Computer ScienceOnline
EDU 120CNS 120Personal Framework for Career ExplorationOnline
EDU 220CNS 220Options in the World of WorkOnline
EDU 236 Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Thinking in 21st Century American EducationOnline
EDU 320CNS 320Strategic Job Search ProcessesOnline
ENV 201Environmental IssuesOnline
GER 001 German for Sci & HumanitiesOnline
GER 002 German for Sci & HumanitiesOnline
GES 340 German Masterworks in Translation: Monstrosity – GESOnline
HMN 340 German Masterworks in Translation: Monstrosity – HMNOnline
INS 150 Preparing for Cross-Cultural Engagement AbroadOnline
INS 151 Cross-cultural Engagement AbroadOnline
INS 152 Cross-Cultural Engagement and Re-entryOnline
JOU 270 Introduction to JournalismOnline
LIB 100 Academic Research and Information IssuesOnline
LIB 210Social Sciences Research Sources and StrategiesOnline
LIB 220 Science Research Sources & StrategiesOnline
PHI 220 LogicOnline
REL 395Exploring Interfaith Practice and LeadershipOnline
SOC 154 Sociology of Deviant BehaviorBlended
SOC 271 Social StatisticsBlended