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About the Courses

Below are all courses at Wake Forest University that have been developed, approved, and delivered in an online or blended format.
Note: Exceptions to this list exist for 2020 – 2021 Academic Year.

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences  

Course Number Alternate Course Title Modality
GRD 717 Career Planning for Graduate Students Online
BIE 703 Bioethics Theory [Summer 2019] Online
BIE 704 Public Policy, Medicine, & Justice [Summer 2019] Online
CNS 721 Research and Statistical Analysis in Counseling Online
CNS 736 Appraisal Procedures for Counselors Online
CNS 737 Basic Counseling Skills and Techniques Online
CNS 738 School Counseling Practicum Online
CNS 738 Clinical Mental Health Counseling Practicum Online
CNS 739 Advanced Counseling Skills and Crisis Management Online
CNS 740 Professional Orientation to Counseling Online
CNS 742 Group Procedures in Counseling Online
CNS 743 Career Development and Counseling Online
CNS 744 School Counseling Practicum Internship I Online
CNS 744 Clinical Mental Health Internship I Online
CNS 745 School Counseling Internship II Online
CNS 745 Clinical Mental Health Internship II Online
CNS 746 Counseling Children Online
CNS 747 Cultures and Counseling Online
CNS 748 Life Span Development: Implications for Counseling Online
CNS 749 School Guidance and Counseling Online
CNS 760 Issues in School Counseling Online
CNS 762 Issues in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Online
CNS 765 Addiction Counseling Online
CNS 770 Classification of Mental and Emotional Disorders Online
CNS 771 Clinical Mental Health Counseling Online
CNS 773 Family Counseling Online
CNS 780 Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Counseling Online
CNS 786 Consultation and Program Development in Counseling Online
CNS 790 Professional Identity Capstone Course Online
Documentary Film
DOC 717 Fundamentals of Documentary Editing  Online
DOC 728 Documentary History Online
DOC 730 Sports, Culture, & Society Online
DOC 733 Business of Sports Media Online
DOC 750 Telling Stories with Digital and Social Media  Online

School of Business

Course Number Alternate Course Title Modality
Master of Business Analytics
BAN 7001 Probability and Statistical Modeling Online
BAN 7002 Analytics Software Technology Online
BAN 7010 Data Management Online
BAN 7020 Visual Analytics and Influencing Online
BAN 7030 Business Modeling Online
BAN 7040 Data Mining and Machine Learning Online
BAN 7050 Simulation and Risk Analysis Online
BAN 7060 Multivariate Analyses and Experimental Design Online
BAN 7070 Forecasting Online
BAN 7080 Prescriptive Analytics Online
BAN 7090 Leading the Analytics Organization Online
BAN 7095 Practicum Project Online
Master of Business Administration
MGT 4608 Marketing Strategy & Planning Blended
MGT 4610 4110, 8110 Leadership & Organizational Behavior Blended
MGT 4640 Financial Accounting Blended


School of Divinity

Course Number Alternate Course Title Modality
BIB 542 Interpreting New Testament Letters Blended
THS 790 Whiteness in Christian Theology & Practice Blended
MIN 564 Proclamation in the Digital Age Blended
MIN 570 Exploring Interfaith Practice Online
MIN 667 Formational and Transformational Practices in Christian Education Blended


School of Law

Course Number Alternate Course Title Modality
Juris Doctor
LAW 200 Legislation and Administrative Law Online
LAW 209 Constitutional Law II Online
LAW 303 Debtor-Creditor Law Online
LAW 305 Professional Responsibility Online
LAW 339 Legal Theory in Action Online
LAW 405 Criminal Procedure: Investigation Online
LAW 428 Human Relations Practices and and Business Torts Online
LAW 442 Sales and Secured Transactions Online
LAW 443 Sustainable Corporations Blended
LAW 479 Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy Online
LAW 483 Public Leadership and the Social Enterprise: Legal and Theological Perspectives Blended
LAW 515 Bankruptcy Online
LAW 516 Secured Transactions Online
LAW 565 Dispute Resolution Online
LAW 620 Securities Regulation Online
LAW 626 Church, Law, and Ethics Online
LAW 663 Health and Medical Research for Lawyers Online
LAW 667 Business Litigation Online
Master in Legal Studies
LAW 701 Legal Foundations Online
LAW 702 Public Law Online
LAW 703 Private Law Online
LAW 705 Business Law and Literacy Online
LAW 706 Detecting Wrongdoing with Investigations, Monitoring and Audits Online
LAW 707 Managing Talent and Preventing Discrimination Online
LAW 708 Labor Law Online
LAW 709 Telemedicine Online
LAW 710 Experiential Capstone Online
LAW 712 Healthcare Compliance Online
LAW 713 The Business of Healthcare Online
LAW 714 Classification in a Gig Economy Online
LAW 715 Paying for Healthcare Online
LAW 716 Bioethics and the Law Online
LAW 717 The Patient-Provider Relationship Online
LAW 718 Compensation and Benefits Online
LAW 719 Wage and Hour Law Online
LAW 720 Privacy in the Workplace Online
LAW 723 Advanced Contracts [Pending faculty approval] Online
LAW 724 International Compliance [Pending faculty approval] Online
LAW 725 The Art of Organizational Compliance Online

School of Medicine

Course Number Alternate Course Title Modality
Doctor of Nursing Practice
NRS 770 Conceptual Models of Quality and Safety Online
NRS 771 Foundations of Research Analysis Online
NRS 772 Translating Research Into Practice Online
NRS 773 Informatics and Data Driven Healthcare Online
NRS Leadership and Collaboration  Online
NRS Healthcare Management, Finance and Law  Online
NRS Healthcare Policy, Advocacy and Ethics  Online
NRS Biostatistics and Epidemiology  Online
NRS Doctoral Study  Online

Undergraduate College

Course Number Alternate Course Title Modality
ART 103 History of Western Art Online
BIO 210 BIO 366 Bioethics: Decision-Making in Biology & Medicine Online
CNS 334 Ethics in Health & Human Services Online
CNS 334 Ethics in Health & Human Services Blended
CNS 340 Professional Orientation to Health & Human Services Online
COM 120 Introduction to Film and Media Aesthetics Online
COM 220 Empirical Research in Communication Online
COM 318 Culture & the Sitcom Online
COM 323 Superheroes, Cinema, and American Mythology Online
CSC 111 Introduction to Computer Science Online
CSC 112 Fundamentals of Computer Science Online
EDU 120 CNS 120 Personal Framework for Career Exploration Online
EDU 220 CNS 220 Options in the World of Work Online
EDU 236 Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Thinking in 21st Century American Education Online
EDU 320 CNS 320 Strategic Job Search Processes Online
GER 001 German for Sci & Humanities Online
GER 002 German for Sci & Humanities Online
GES 340 German Masterworks in Translation: Monstrosity – GES Online
HMN 340 German Masterworks in Translation: Monstrosity – HMN Online
INS 150 Preparing for Cross-Cultural Engagement Abroad Online
INS 151 Cross-cultural Engagement Abroad Online
INS 152 Cross-Cultural Engagement and Re-entry Online
JOU 270 Introduction to Journalism Online
LIB 100 Academic Research and Information Issues Online
LIB 220 Science Research Sources & Strategies Online
SOC 154 Sociology of Deviant Behavior Blended

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