Online Courses in the College

About the Courses

Below are all courses at Wake Forest University that have been developed, approved, and delivered in an online or blended format.

*Note: temporary provisions have been made for the delivery of online and blended courses during 2020-2021 that do not require full approval by OLEC and the College Faculty.

Undergraduate College

Course Number Alternate Course Title Modality
ART 103   History of Western Art Online
BIO 210 BIO 366 Bioethics: Decision-Making in Biology & Medicine Online
CNS 334   Ethics in Health & Human Services Online
CNS 334   Ethics in Health & Human Services Blended
CNS 340   Professional Orientation to Health & Human Services Online
COM 120   Introduction to Film and Media Aesthetics Online
COM 220   Empirical Research in Communication Online
COM 318   Culture & the Sitcom Online
COM 323   Superheroes, Cinema, and American Mythology Online
COM 337 Social Media Marketing in the Creative Arts Online
CSC 111   Introduction to Computer Science Online
CSC 112   Fundamentals of Computer Science Online
EDU 120 CNS 120 Personal Framework for Career Exploration Online
EDU 220 CNS 220 Options in the World of Work Online
EDU 236   Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Thinking in 21st Century American Education Online
EDU 320 CNS 320 Strategic Job Search Processes Online
ENV 201 Environmental Issues Online
GER 001   German for Sci & Humanities Online
GER 002   German for Sci & Humanities Online
GES 340   German Masterworks in Translation: Monstrosity – GES Online
HMN 340   German Masterworks in Translation: Monstrosity – HMN Online
INS 150   Preparing for Cross-Cultural Engagement Abroad Online
INS 151   Cross-cultural Engagement Abroad Online
INS 152   Cross-Cultural Engagement and Re-entry Online
JOU 270   Introduction to Journalism Online
LIB 100   Academic Research and Information Issues Online
LIB 210 Social Sciences Research Sources and Strategies Online
LIB 220   Science Research Sources & Strategies Online
SOC 154   Sociology of Deviant Behavior Blended

Faculty looking for more information on developing online courses can contact us at find out more general information about fully online courses in the Undergraduate College at Wake Forest, please view the online and blended course Frequently Asked Questions page.


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