BlendedInstruction is delivered both through online instruction and in-person meetings.  Students enrolled in a blended course are required to participate in a combination of online activities and in-person sessions as scheduled.
HyflexInstruction that is delivered in person allows students the option to attend in-person or online at any point during the semester.  In-person class sessions meet at scheduled times. The instructor determines the online mode (sync or async) and coordinates the online course delivery so that students can achieve learning goals both online and in person.
Online – SynchronousInstruction is delivered fully online with a significant amount of scheduled, required online class meetings with the instructor.  Students enrolled attend class online and engage in some or all course activities at specified days/times published in the class syllabus.
Online – AsynchronousInstruction is delivered online with little to no in-person or scheduled online class meetings.  Students enrolled complete all course activities without designated class meeting times.
In-PersonInstruction is delivered fully in the classroom/lab/studio with the interaction between the instructor and student. Students enrolled in these classes must be able to access campus facilities and attend scheduled course meetings on campus.
Approved by the Deans’ Council March 21st, 2023