Course Development Funding

Designing quality learning experiences for online and blended courses is demanding. To that end, the Office of the Provost makes every effort to support the development of promising new courses through available grants.

  • Each year the Office of the Provost provides the Blended and Online Learning Development (BOLD) Grant, intended to encourage development of high quality course materials and online or blended courses in support of the undergraduate mission. Proposals for the BOLD Grant are typically due in the early Spring.
  • Several grants have also been offered in partnership with the Graduate and Professional schools to encourage similar high-quality course development.

Course Design Consultation

Work with an Instructional Designer to develop a course for an online or blended learning context. Services are customized to the needs and resources of each instructor. Design consultation might be as brief as a single meeting to help focus one’s efforts, or as involved as a start-to-finish design and development process over the course of several months. Contact us for more information

Guidelines and Policies for Developing Online & Blended Courses in the College

Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty learning communities provide small groups of faculty (typically 6-10) the opportunity to work together for an extended period of time on a topic of particular interest to your program(s) or discipline(s). The Office of Online Education partners with departments, schools, or groups of faculty to design and facilitate a learning community around your particular learning outcomes and goals.  Topics for learning communities might include ‘Designing a Blended Learning Course’ or ‘Ensuring Quality in Online Education.’ Let us know if you are interested in establishing a Faculty Learning Community.

Program Development Consultation

Are you thinking about moving a degree program partially or fully online? Have you identified a new population of learners that might benefit from a Wake Forest education, but they’re unable to move to Winston Salem for a full time program? Is there a desire among your department or program to reach a broader class of learners, and doing so requires a rethinking of our traditional modalities of learning? We are here to help support you through the process of designing degree programs that satisfy your goals and are ultimately self-sustaining or profit-generating.


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